Is Collin Sexton (or someone else) this year's Kemba Walker?


Let's great question i think tennessee tennessee will make it i love the way they play the alabama alabamian amendment haunt here about alabama because i just love when they're on the way they play basketball and and collins sexton i mean we're talking about a guy i mean we everyone makes a big deal about trae young but we're talking about a guy calling sexton who could be the best point guard in in in the turnament we've seen him in recent games as take over with that confidence and he's the kind of guy he of the minds of kemba walker type who of course one of these crazy fun tournament runs in previous years i don't know i don't know bama makes it to the sweet sixteen though we didn't see much of auburn they only hung around saint louis for forty minutes actually twenty minutes they didn't they didn't bother showing up for the second half against alabama bubba what are your thoughts on bruce pearl's team which at times this year was on the one line and and started to slip a little bit and now so is is mired in its worst slump of the year not a good time to be in a slump of course you're absolutely right i think the one big about pearl is he has a fascinating fellow but he has if they if i may the skins on the walls they say he's he's done it before and the term but he's he's won some games i like bruce pearl the coach i don't i don't know about bruce pearl the overall the overall product if you will but i i've i've sense that he's gonna take this town fifteen and turn them into one that can win at least one maybe two games in this tournament in hochman joining us from the saint louis post dispatch ben who's great to be in your town we enjoyed it thank you and we hope to talk to you against him i hope he ate well and saying well it's impossible not too bad thanks i really had a great time there a i've said this a couple of times last week but i grew up spent a lot of time in st louis and it's an extraordinary city it's just the heart of america and we had a wonderful time there during the sec basketball tournament we will take.

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