Tour bus headed to the Masters​ golf tournament flips on Georgia highway


The next jeff goldman thank you very much severe weather is in the forecast for millions tomorrow with record low temperatures and snow this weekend where it seldom seen this time of year meteorologist eric fisher is tracking the wild weather eric we keep going back to this what's happening now we got to stop meeting like this jeff more cold moving its way on it and more snow as well some towns across the plain set all time april cold temperatures earlier this week then look at the lowes moving in here as we start the weekend more single digits and teens definitely not an april feel and more record lows are expected with this cold air outbreak then we look toward the warmer side of the storm system severe storms likely from eastern texas stretching across texarkana and into mississippi few tornadoes early some damaging wind gusts large hail all possible on friday then we got to the next snow while we have a clipper bringing some lighter snowfalls across the interior parts of the northeast tomorrow bands of snow all the way down into virginia as we head toward friday evening into saturday morning not a lot of snow jeff but a little bit of snow and a lot of places if dc gets one inch it's the most there since one thousand nine hundred ninety four and april eric fisher thanks very much a charter bus headed for the masters golf tournament in atlanta crashed on a georgia interstate today masters isn't a gun i i should say nine passengers are in the hospital the driver is under arrest riina nine and has more on this the bus carrying eighteen passengers to the masters tournament overturned in the median on georgia's i twenty shortly before nine am the driver sixty one year old stephen hop and brower was charged with driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane georgia state police confirmed he was under the influence of drugs but did not say what kind of passengers were transported to area hospitals with injury conditions ranging from critical to good incredibly blessed to walk away from something like this with nothing more than a cut passengers say that they noticed the driver swerving before they went off the road several of the injured remain in the hospital tonight jeff good to have you here i'm glad to hear everybody's he was one of the.

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