Blackhawks win with accountant-turned-goalie


Dot com the bomb so carbohydrate real quick this guy an accountant ended up getting into the game i for the chicago blackhawks their top goalie got injured and warm ups then but the backup in he got hurt and the third berry with about fifteen minutes ago in a game they had to put in this emergency backup dot fosters his name but he used to play at western michigan university back in the day way back in the day he passed he said are after the game actually he only plays now is beer league hockey they were cheering for him though and he came in and did it give us any goals saves he's thirty how old is he thirty six thirty sixty said after the game i'm an accountant by day so a few hours ago i was sitting on my computer typing on the ten key and now i'm standing in front of you guys after just finishing fourteen and a half minutes of nhl hockey any the number one thing the place went nuts it was just that's awesome that's great there you go brandon in pennsylvania you're on cbs sports radio hey what's up for i'm not even sure if that's true or not i'm not sure true it's true for l he's the only guy that even gives them props.

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