Major events in Xi Jinping's rise as China's leader-for-life

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President trump says he will meet with north korea's kim jongun will ask a former diplomat what china thinks about that what so stunning about president trump's decision is that he is in many ways following china's li for saturday marks 10th this is all things considered from npr news michelle martin we'll also talk with a state representative in florida about why she thinks arming teachers who put some students at risk study show that many of our black and brown student are often seen as a threat and will ask the governor of connecticut why he's calling the nra of terrorist organization this really is an organization that is devoid of courage when it comes to making our nation's safer that's all coming up but first this news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbst president trump is in western pennsylvania campaigning for rick scott so cohn who is in a tight race for republican congressional seat ahead of a special election on tuesday drove use the appearance to tout his willingness to hold talks with north korea over its nuclear plan saying pyongyang should have been handled already and the former presidents didn't do the job but he says china's president xi jinping really helped the lord john and has done more for us than they have ever done for any other president or ever done for this country and i respect that jamaica trump's says ninety three percent of the goods to north korea come through china making them powerful meanwhile president trump is planning his first trip as president to latin america next month the white house says he will travel to peru and colombia for multicountry summit bilateral meetings and cultural events for secretary sarah huckabee sanders as trump wants to deepen historically ties with the between the us and partners in that area but one country he won't visit is mexico as eylandt march was held in parkland florida were seventeen people were killed in high school shooting there last month and fears wracked and booker has more about two hundred people gathered in a neighborhood park through unity and solidarity in the community still reeling from a deadly shooting three weeks ago after speeches organizes asked participants toll heads.

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