DOJ takes regulatory step towards bump stock ban


Informed this is komo news 1000 fm 977 komo news dot com there should be able to farm workers to put more were burning of 40s california veterans home sugar wall which a decorated veteran who served in afghanistan he was a former quiet at the pathway home which treats veterans who have ptsd more now from abc's day packard the victims executive director christine lober clinical director jennifer garlic and psychologist jennifer gonzalez their bodies found with wong's after a 30s entered the state owned veterans home john dunbar mayor of young field california the three women that were lost yesterday dedicated their lives to helping our veterans president trump tweeting he's deeply saddened by the tragic situation the head of california's veterans affairs saying they're working with law enforcement to understand what happened long's motive unclear at this time dave packer abc news the trump administration has moved one step closer to banning bump stocks those devices that make a semi automatic rifle operate like a machinegun president trump's justice department has submitted a notice to the white house of appropos regulation to ban dumped stocks the move comes after president trump directed the attorney general to outlaw the devices in the wake of last month's deadly shooting at a florida high school bumped stocks were not used in the parkland shooting but were used in last year's machinating in las vegas the white house is expected to release a full list of reforms the president will champion to improve school safety in the coming days gordon phelps abc news the white house is travelling anywhere near the waterfront there in bremerton near the shipyards you might see traffic slowing a bit that's because after six months on deployment the.

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