Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she's not running for president in 2020


In elderly man orlando is safe after being rescued from his car which plunged into a lake early this afternoon trooper say that the man was trying to pull into a parking spot at the advance auto parts of lake underhill role when he accidentally hit a man working on another car and then he swipe sideswiped the store landing in a nearby retention pon thankfully there was a nearby woman who jumped in and save them however the man who has hit was treated for his minor injuries at the hospital while the driver was cited for careless driving police in lake county have uncovered more human remains in the backyard of a disney worker who vanished three years ago michael shaver was a monorail mechanic before he disappeared back in 2015 john hurrell is with the lake county sheriff's office i can tell you that additional remains have been found as well as some articles of clothing and those remains have been turned over to the medical examiner's office for an all topsy to be performed in hopes of learning the man on calls of death terrell says that schafer's wife nationally cooperated with investigators but she has since stopped she is a person of interest and we are keeping close tabs investigators say that schaefer hasn't had any cell phone or bank activities since his disappearance at a rally in pennsylvania for a republican congressional candidate president trump took on massachusetts senate democrat elizabeth warren asking the crowd quote can you imagine covering polka haunt us this morning warned was on cnn's state of the union every time president trump wants to try to throw out some kind of racial slur he wants to try to attack me i'm going to yes it is a chance to lift up their stories warne says that she is not running for president but is trying to be reelected to her senate seat president trump announcing his slogan for his 2020 reelection key america gray exclamation hough our washington insider gene we debris has the.

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