Shoulder Problems, Olympics and Taibbi discussed on The Peter Heck Show


Had a busy signal last week we're talking about shoulder problems rotator cuff issues tendinitis bursa birth seitis but what's the underlying issue now we have athletes all the time who he all because our involvement with them with the olympics in two thousand sixteen and i winter rio with usa wrestling in with the track and field team and we end up seeing a lot of athletes now we see a a lot of people who were between the ages of forty five and ninety but we also attract a large number of athletes were younger and you know it's really interesting when you see athletes may have shoulder problems you know one of the underlying issues as almost every single one of them the developers shoulder issue their shoulders almost every time have rolled forward and you know what i mean by that you know how when you are taibbi at a computer you're driving and you kind of hansch new shoulder blades they roll forward or guess what that's doing when you now go to lift over your head lead when you go to throw a ball or let's say that you were younger and you're an athlete and you were doing overhead sports or your golfer and.

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