Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell isn't going to take a low number

No Huddle


You're listening to the nfl on two men facing no medal with brian weber banned kordell stewart let's talk steelers who had germany fowler from espn jeremy we know you're busy so we appreciate you taken the time and we got the started levy on bell as you know for the first time in recent memory last season in it deal with a suspension or major injury so why do you think the steelers are reluctant to give them the multiyear dealy watts all local you do he wanted in support of fourteen point five million dollars per year uh over five or six years ago the franchise tag number so that his new negotiating point because you've been tagged to that club also uh he is a man of conviction he could not really going to take a low number right now unless he surprising some people on so the steelers have been close but i just don't know they might have a tipping point here i just don't know if they want to go up the fifteen million to get this done students have been known to when it come down a bikes accord bikes were running bikes turn in thirty years of age david ten as soon as shy away from them do you think this is the reason why they're being reluctant about doing a longterm bill would leave bill because he's now twenty six years old and how many years with this longterm deal there probably thinking they could get out of him.

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