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Cable ex news i'm michael calhoun missouri governor eric writings is willing to send troops to the mexican border if asked by president donald trump a spokesman said the republican governor believes there are grave security concerns on the southern border earlier in the week trump directed the department of homeland security and the department of defense to coordinate with state governors in order to place national guard troops along the border in chicago the blues pick up a big win from the united center did it zombie hawks for the one tonight in chicago they go to a make or break game in game number eighty two against the colorado avalanche tomorrow night the playoffs are on the line at the pepsi center the blues need a victory or a game to get to hold time to earn a first round playoff series with the nashville predators chris kerber with the call on camera excellent game at the colorado avalanche shoes tomorrow night at eight pm and you can hear it right here on komo ex an update on the construction of one hundred twenty five thousand square foot saint louis aquarium at union station aaron clark is director of animal projects for the aquarium it moving along and we are excited an unscheduled to open next year she says specifically a summer fall opening while the area is enclosed by construction fencing you can keep up to date via social media facebook page instagram account or constantly sharing update she says the process of selecting what will go in the exhibits and tanks began some time ago we'll be brisk and colder overnight with a low twenty six degrees saturday mostly sunny but still very cold with a high forty three and a little rain some wet snow sunday afternoon and evening with a high forty three i'm michael calhoun cable ex news prisoner and in town war just before he reached guitar friend hey the song oh and turn back.

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