Hart family crash: Body recovered near where SUV went off cliff, sheriff says


News traffic and weather updates weekday mornings and be listening for more stories and interviews to help you make sense of it out kobo morning news with manda factor and gregg hersholt on komo news the news you need from the people you trust komo news chemical air saturday being called one of the worst in syrian history we're hearing at least forty dead when a civilian area was attacked in douma a place thought to be the last rebelheld town in syria this man on the ground speaking to our partners at sky news paints a disturbing picture of what happened the show and they seem to have been penalized with a nerve agents there are reports which haven't yet been independently verified that a barrel bomb containing the toxic nerve agents seren was dropped from a helicopter a raging fire that tore through a fiftieth floor apartment at trump tower on saturday in new york city killed a sixty seven year old man inside and sent flames of thick black smoke pouring from windows injuring four firefighters and the death toll from the bus crash in canada now at fifteen the bus was carrying the humbled broncos junior hockey league team collided with a truck on a highway in saskatchewan at american patrick reed takes a threeshot lead into the final round of the masters today rory mcilroy looks and second todd ant abc news the northwest only allnews station komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven this is twenty four seven news on komo news i'm paul jackson a couple of vacation on california's coast spotted a body in the pacific ocean near the hart family crash site saturday afternoon by pulled that body from the stormy surf in fire crews recovered it mendocino county sheriff's office says the body appears to be that of an african american female and the deputies are investigating the possibility it may be one of the two missing heart girls the chp found five members of the hart family who most recently lived in woodland washington dead inside their suv that crashed off that cliff a week ago the mendocino county sheriff has said he does not believe that crash was an accident an torius website has been shut down by the federal government we're talking about back page dot com.

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