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Partners weirdo ceo's turn for smart advice to one another the bloomberg breakaway membership can in ceo's from established industry leaders in the merging disruptors experience one of a kind peer networking gain insight from industry experts innovators and global leaders like steed case john chambers at ursula burns become a member and attend the ceo summit this june apply now at bloomberg live dot com slash breakaway from the bloomberg ninety nine one newsroom in washington nathan hager with the latest headlines he's still assessing the intelligence and we'll talk with allies tonight the white house is saying about president trump is decision making process on syria over its purported poison gas attack france says it has evidence the assad regime used chlorine gas in douma last weekend senate foreign relations chair bob corker says a full confirmation vote for mike pompeo to be secretary of state could come the week of april twenty third at his confirmation hearing today senators urged the cia director to give the president independent advice from foggy bottom fired fbi director james comey calls president trump unethical and untethered to truth in his longawaited book due out next week republican national committee is already mounting a response activating a website called lion komi global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm nathan hager this is bloomberg.

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