What Was Missing from Mark Zuckerberg’s First Day of Congressional Testimony



Some more aware and i'm gonna say right now on the political front because i think a lot of people were completely on exposed as to the structure or the format of the political structure on phil we had the election and then people begun to understand more about things like hewlett or the electoral college and go on just so so people were in a way yes forced to come to a realization about how things are really ran as opposed to just running out and voting people began to realize that maybe it really isn't quite that simple i have my have a big family in texas and the great majority of them are republicans were supporters very definitely instill are some of them of donald trump and i was i'm politically not involved i'm moderate i would say i wouldn't i don't think of supported trump but i don't think i would have i didn't vote in the presidential election i didn't see any any percentage in that for me but in any case i had i have to admit that i would have been interested if hillary clinton had won because it seemed to me that she was on the point of doing much more about the disclosure process than apparently donald trump plans to do although things are leaking out thanks to luis alvarez and alpert off in that group of people so in any case i'm curious about these energies and ruth out thinking in terms of political ideology there's a very different energy in the air now in this country in particular you have a situation where the president of the united states openly offers the opinion that he'd like to be dictator and he still has a lot of strong support and i find that a change and how what how do you react to that.

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