Oklahoma teachers end nearly two-week walkout that shut schools


First news with kevin miller exclusively on little rock's news traffic and weather station news radio one hundred two point nine k a r n teachers walkout in oklahoma is ending after nine days even though educators still aren't happy with the state's republican lawmakers clayton neville tells more leaders of the oklahoma education association say legislators won't budge and refused to provide any more new revenue for public schools the state's largest teacher's union now calling on a focus to electing pro education legislatures are getting four hundred seventy nine million dollars in funding for the next school year less than what they hope to achieve all the fbi as putting a veteran mexican drug lord on its ten most wanted list fbi deputy director david bodorik tells more about rafeal considered one of the mexican godfathers of drug trafficking he helped to form the guadalajara cartel in the late nineteen seventies and he became one of the primary suppliers of heroin.

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