Arizona governor proposes 20 percent teacher pay raise by 2020 amid walkout threat

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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from trans union with trans union credit monitoring all it takes his a couple of clicks to lock your trans union and equifax credit reports get credit lock your credit score and so much more at trans union dot com slash npr live from npr news in washington i'm to wayne brown the us and britain have agreed these suspected syrian use of chemical weapons cannot go on challenge but the bbc's jeremy bowen says there's still no firm consensus on what to do president asset faces a threat from the top three western military powers the us the uk and france he has to take it seriously and has moved troops in a quick moment out of potential targets the us and its allies it working out how to punish the regime they say it's to deter it from using chemical weapons again but while they can't do is remove president assad from power short of the kind of major war they have no intention or desire to fight and they want to avoid direct confrontation with serious may not allies russia and iran that would have desperately serious consequences the bbc's jeremy bowen arizona governor doug ducey hasn't has announced a twen eighty percent pay raise for teachers by twenty twenty but his casey coon of member station k j z z reports the teacher's union is watching closely to see where the money is coming from this takes place a day after tens of thousands of educators across arizona marched before class demanding the raise governor doug ducey's plan is to boost teacher salaries by nine percent next year then keep raising salaries until they are twenty percent higher in twenty twenty but airs ona's teacher union president joe thomas is skeptical of how the raises will be funded trying to stall and trying to slow things down in what we have to figure out now is this going to be a meaningful plan was real details and see where the money's coming from and it's permanent money does he says he will start working with the state legislature to figure out how to allocate the money without raising taxes for npr news i'm casey coon phoenix the environmental protection agency has a new number two official npr's rebecca hersher reports they knew deputy administrator begins his tenure as his boss fights off.

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