Algeria plane crash victims were badly burned, authorities say


To a blue wave of democratic gains in november i gave it some consideration but i really do not believe whether i stay or go in twenty nineteen is going to affect a person's individual race for congress i really don't think a person's race for congress is going to hinge on whether paul ryan speaker or not top contenders to replace ryan as house speaker are majority leader kevin mccarthy of california and house majority whip ski steve scalise of louisiana we'll have more on paul ryan's retirement from congress later in the broadcast fbi agents who raided the home hotel room and offices of president trump's personal attorney michael colin we're seeking clues about how cohen worked with the trump campaign in two thousand sixteen to suppress negative information that's according to the new york times which reports the agents were seeking documents related to the two thousand five access hollywood tape and which trump is recorded openly boasting about sexually assaulting women the latest revelations columnist trump's former chief strategist steve bannon urge the president to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and to stop cooperating with special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged ties between trump's campaign and russia and algeria the government's declare three days of national mourning after a military passenger jet crashed outside the capital algiers on wednesday killing two hundred fifty seven people on board it was l julius worstever air disaster and the deadliest plane crash since two thousand fourteen when malaysia airlines flight seventeen was shot down over ukraine among the dead in wednesday's crash were twenty six members of the police surreal front a western saharan independence movement seeking to end morocco's forty two year rule of the west african territory on capitol hill facebook ceo mark zuckerberg faced off with lawmakers for a second straight day wednesday admitting to a house committee that he too had data from his facebook account collected by a third party without his consent zuckerberg's testimony came as lawmakers investigate how the voter profiling company cambridge on olympic harvested data from more than eighty seven million facebook users without their permission and efforts to sway voters to support president donald trump this is soccer a new methodology of the american political pariah jane congressman this is an important question because i think people often ask what the differences between surveillance and what we do and i think the.

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