Johnny Manziel signs with CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats in comeback


Sports could pick up your spirits a little bit and that's what j j watt has done he i did it would be terrible hurricane the happened in houston with all the money that he raised and now he's doing it here with the victims of the terrible santa fe texas school shooting he's going to pay for all ten of the funerals for those victims it's tough to talk about and that's why it's tough to get through this because you don't want to talk about it because you hope that these people would still be living in their lives were just innocently robbed and it's absolutely terrible and it's another senseless act of violence that have changed in our country but i give a lot of credit to jj watt for doing something that he's been doing his entire career and that's just being a good guy i know he's a great football player but he's a better human being and i want to recognize jj watt and give him a stock up we will now get to mr ben horowitz go ahead ben thank you my first stock up is going to go to johnny football johnny manziel announced earlier yesterday that he was going to take his talents to canada johnny canada perhaps to the cfl and the hamilton tiger cats and i think this is the perfect move for it's a low pressure situation it gives them an ability to rehab is image rehab is gain and give him an opportunity to get back to the nfl he's gonna light up that league because let's face it the competition isn't there any lit up d one college football johnny football as a result of this will be back in the nfl not necessarily starting but we'll be back in the nfl and three years give me a huge stock up to johnny football i don't think you'll ever make another fifty three man roster in the league but hey we agree to disagree go ahead look at the type of backup sitter in the league go ahead stocked up number two we already had this position stock of number two is i brian jack mckeon stock up number two goes to the us supreme court who finally ruled after the state of new jersey fought numerous times through.

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