The Duke & Duchess depart Windsor Castle in a horse-drawn Ascot Landau wedding carriage


South london's kingdom gospel choir marked another break from the norm but it was back to tradition for the wedding vows i megan take you harry meghan take you harry to be my husband to be my husband to have to hope to have and to hold from this day forward with rings exchange the couple traveled down the long walking through the streets of windsor in the false join ascot landau carriage now they'll be known as the duke and duchess of sussex man and wife in windsor i'm studios this is rivet welcome to total wine and more i challenge you to wine tasting showdown maybe we should just explore some wine if you can't blow me away with the wind you must admit defeat sure try this cabernet sauvignon my this this world and always at the lowest price let's get this cockfield why all these americans grilling all of a sudden explore eight thousand wines and twenty five hundred beers at total wine and more the selection is ridiculous the first saturday night football game of the year will pit national champion alabama against louisville on abc miami plays lsu on sunday night of the season opening weekend espn just announced the schedule for the first three weeks up saturday night games the crimson tide meets louisville in orlando florida at eight pm on september first the next day miami and lsu's square off at at and t stadium in arlington texas it'll be the third straight season abc airs a sunday night game on labor day weekend when college football doesn't compete against the nfl there's an explosive new claim about the late whitney houston ap entertainment editor oscar wells gabriel reports it's all part of a new movie friends of the troubled grammy winning artists say some of whitney houston's issues with drug abuse stemmed from a family scandal inner documentary screened at the cannes film festival they say houston was molested as a child by her cousin dee dee warwick the sister of dionne warwick word of this comes from houston's longtime assistant mary jones who tells filmmaker kevin mcdonald that houston told her that warwick had molested heredia young age jones says that experience made houston question her own sexuality and contributed to her drug problems later in life i'm oscar wells gabriel.

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