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Take some time to read and thanks and begin to prefer perhaps end up at one of these major conservative think tanks trying to figure out where do we go from here all those voices affects the charlie for coming on as well so i was going to hear his voice right now republicans in this country in this state are feeling a little squishy little the ground underneath a fees a little soft this is a big year midterm elections are always never really good for the incumbent party this year the big blue wave the trump effect whatever that might be is all out there hanging over our heads how do we figure this out where does this go this decision doesn't help that it makes us all a little less confident doesn't mean that a republican can't win that seat of some great people that are going to step up on certain of that but for all of us who who appreciate the leaders and the leadership of paul ryan or leaders like him we understand these things are important they dictate where this country goes one of the reasons we gotta tax reform package is because of speaker paul ryan one of the reasons we almost got healthcare reform was because of speaker paul ryan so thanks to all those people who came out to talk about it today you mentioned them we we heard from some of them in the governor as well is busy guy and for him to give us that personal story about kiko paul ryan how fun is that he didn't have the interpersonal skills to actually registered only flip burgers i think it all worked out for speaker paul ryan and i and i i know he's comfortable in his decision because he mentioned family the fact that this was something that was important for his family and having younger children still a daughter i think he said was sixteen the same age his father passed away at that's significant and i think it speaks to something a lot of us realize it's not just about the job it's about the family and the life that you have outside of job and for speaker paul ryan that was an easy easy decision brewers baseball's coming up there and st louis are going to be wrapping up the series against the cardinals we didn't get a win last night we got a win the night before.

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