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Yes hello yes hi justin i i was going to fight not what's your take on bendon jennings being inactive today i don't i don't think any of us were were surprised by man you knew when they signed brandon jennings to lose ten day contracts and then for the remainder of the season it was basically to keep the seat warm while matthew delvin delvin malcolm brogdon were out so if you had him active today or played him who were you playing him over who are you giving minutes to him over i would have certainly see he he's one player can even for short bursts of time can take over getting heavy really needed thinking outside the box and that became a nonissue because he was active shabazz was an active active but he didn't play but brandon jennings is given bledsoe was enfold trouble not playing that well they could have kept dropped down if necessary in the shooting position and instead of terry running the point or something like that i think brandon jennings on his day even today can provide a phillips you know well well it's it's simply a pecking order thing and that this is jason terry twelve time in the play of thirteenth time the playoffs you're going to give those minister jason terry there's a lot of trust there malcolm brogdon back now malcolm brogdon is one of your five best players you're not going to give minutes would've gone to malcolm to brandon jennings and as we mentioned with the playoffs rotations tighten up and you see more minutes i mean eric bledsoe is a guy you want on the floor for thirty five plus minutes so once you get down to that there's just no space for brandon jennings in a part of that too as you mentioned to me shabazz muhammad was active but brandon jennings being inactive has a lot to do with the bodies to at some point you have to protect yourself and shabazz muhammad is going to be active because what happens if a wing player goes down of a point guard goes down if eric bledsoe goes down you still have jason terry you still have matthew della vedova yard it's that can run things chris middleton can run things so i mean that's the reason why it really shouldn't be a surprise that he was an active here.

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