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Stump when he was elected you know you're of course if you're a company you're like am i going to sink billions of dollars into a country that's going to be ringfenced by sanctions any day now so meanwhile china just blew past all these guys and this is i mean this is a chinese blueprint right i mean this is this is a page editor pretty classic playbook that's right because iran has been for a while part of of what we call one belt one road which is the third of this revival of the silk road route iran persia was always at the center of those roots interesting is that because the chinese companies that are doing business in iran don't have a big exposure in the us they're not vulnerable to sanctions there other but interestingly the us has gone after a couple of companies like wow way and that do have a profile in the us so it's not completely safe for chinese companies to go into iran and sort of you know kind of defy the us weena wishes to isolate that country but it's it's more possible than it is for your breaking companies i mean one of the things we've seen as stateowned chinese state owned enterprises sort of set up subsidiaries you know to kind of shield themselves from the potential of lawsuits strategy that is more difficult for european companies to pursue in you talked about iran's importance in the in the broader middle east economically and certainly politically what does this say about chinese ambitions potentially using iran is sort of a foothold into an even broader participation across the rest of the region do you get a sense that they have emissions they're politically i don't know because so much of what happens in relation to iran and isn't about economics really at least in the how the us treat country.

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