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The damage outside a building at saint stephen's episcopal church in the west end of beaumont texas just about two miles away from where another explosive device was found outside a starbucks that device was not detonated the fbi is assisting the investigation authorities have yet to address the nature of the bomb a motive whether any suspects have been identified or if there might be any links between the devices correspondent scott carr big worries on hawaii's big island the lava fissures are bad enough now it's feared that kill away of all k know could erupt from the top president of the hawaii senate ronco gucci says state officials are keeping a close eye on the killer way of volcano this is an ongoing event with no end in sight that anyone can make any kind of firm predictions officials say kilowatts activity resembles what was seen right before a major eruption in nineteen twenty four when enormous rocks called ballistic boulders were launched from the earth correspondent john laurence says residents are also being warned about the current threat of dangerous toxic gases homeland security secretary john nielsen may have second thoughts about our job that are reports she wrote a resignation letter after president trump scolded her for failing to improve border security at wednesday's cabinet meeting a white house official describing the president's comments as angry and heated the new york times reporting secretary nielsen told colleagues she was close to resigning after the argument and drafted a resignation letter homeland security officials denying that report correspondent abbie philip many millennials may thank mom forgiving them they're old room back this mother's day on news zillow analysis shows nearly one in four is back home living with mom that's twelve million the highest number in a decade i'm evan haning.

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