North Carolina, Wsb and Bank Of America discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Live during atlanta's evening news a chase on i twenty resulted in arrest in the death of a six year old boy killed in a spray of gunfire over a social media post to county police captain at mayor says sixyearolds amari mitchell died when seventeen year old sean williams became enraged over that social media post got out turn around and fired a total of thirty one shots back towards the victim's home mitchell who was inside playing at the time was struck and later died williams who had been on the run ever since was arrested following a brief chase that ended near candler road jennifer griffiths wsb to a cheering crowd and elkhart indiana president trump promotes his june summit with north korea's kim jong meeting with kim jong to pursue a future of peace and security for the world for the whole world abc's terry moran explains why singapore neutral venue that had to be within range of of kim jong un's very old airplanes he he doesn't have very up to date transportation and so he only had a range of a couple thousand miles trump boasts still get a better deal with north korea than obama did with iran the wsb energywatch bank of america projects crude oil prices could hit one hundred dollars a barrel next year bfa is concerned about global supply and the effects of sanctions on iran harshest strongest most stringent sanctions on iran that could further deplete supply crews already at a threeyear high more people get sick from salmonella tainted eggs traced to a farm in north carolina the cdc warns the eggs are sold under different brand names including publix and wal mart's great value about three dozen people in nine states have fallen ill in the past month a third wound up in the hospital so far noone sick and georgia with a two hundred million eggs from rose acre farms have been recalled wsb news time.

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