Israel kicks off US Embassy celebration, boosts border force


Radio i'm steve rappoport israel beefing up forces at the gaza border in anticipation of protests tomorrow when the us embassy opens in jerusalem deputy secretary of state john sullivan is among the us delegation in israel for the ceremony we're proud to make the president's pledge my fellow delegates in official treasury secretary steven mnuchin also there the united states has no greater partner then israel the opening coincides with the seventieth anniversary of the founding of israel fox's rachel sutherland another lava fisher opening up on hawaii's big island leading tomorrow evacuations cars moving those are all folks that live here they are closing off access to any folks who are trying to take pictures of the lava or any of the scene out here and also the national guard troops are in place and they are they're ready to respond should conditions get any worse oxes jeff paul fox news we report you decide battle of honor is the highest award for valor in combat given a member of the armed forces of the united states there have been over three thousand four hundred recipients of the nation's highest award this is one of them was deaf sergeant henry irwin's job on the lead beach one thousand nine to drop a phosphorus canister as a marker when they reached the assembly area over enemy territory details after this air position the canister in the launch tube and pull the pin at the pilots orders the flare dropped then flew back into the plane it exploded in her wins face viewing.

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