Gynecological mesh: The medical device that has 100,000 women suing


One oh six nine am seven forty kcbs it's monday may fourteenth twenty eighteen coming up on kcbs it's moving day for the us embassy in israel we'll also have a segment from last night sixty minutes good morning thank you for joining us i'm peter finch kcbs news time is two thirty one update israel is using drones to drop tear gas on protesters in gaza hours before the us opens a temporary embassy in jerusalem treasury secretary steven mnuchin is they're being here moving our embassy is a big step in our relationship with israel harris baden seth tone from jerusalem well the longterm question maybe about the peace process in the short term the fear is violence protests have been mounting and in the past in this region they've sometimes spiraled out of control danny diane is his rally consulgeneral of israel in new york to move on him but see in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem should be seen as nature has moving a refrigerator from the bedroom to the kitchen refrigerator belongs to the kitchen an embassy in israel belongs to jerusalem the president's daughter ivanka trump well as her husband jared kushner beyond hand for the opening cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez kcbs news time to thirty two it's time for a segment from last night sixty minutes broadcast on cbs in this segment one hundred thousand women have filed a lawsuit over a device similar to plastic that resulted in several postsurgical surgical injuries scott pelley reports there is tremendous controversy about a surgical device implanted in more than two million american women it's a strip of plastic called gynecological mesh the manufacturers and several medical society say the implant is safe but more than one hundred thousand women are suing and together they make up the largest multi district litigation since asbestos one of the largest manufacturers of gynecological meshes boston scientific a medical device maker with nine billion dollars in sales millions of patients benefit from its pacemakers stents and other devices but boston scientific has attracted forty eight thousand lawsuits which claimed that it's mesh can inflict life altering pain and injury surgeons use boston scientific gynecological mesh like a sling to relieve urinary incontinence and to lift organs that shift after pregnancy gwen madsen had a boston scientific.

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