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The communist with the russians but latimer putin and the kgb he wrote a fabulous book a couple of years ago on dupes how america's adversaries have manipulated progressives first century and he's got all of these connections between prominent democrats and the communist party and leftist one of the best connections is john brennan cia director under obama who voted proudly for communist and one thousand nine hundred seventy six and this guy became director of the cia and then you've got james clapper another obama clinton easter who committed perjury before the us congress and they're both now hired by either cnn or msnbc to be experts when one's a liar and the other is a communist sympathizer and both held high positions in government are you kidding me let's continue take some calls one eight six six six four seven seven three three seven eight six six six four seven seven three three seven i wish senator john mccain a long healthy and productive life out of the us senate why is he getting paid serious money and can't do his job and seemingly cording to senator orrin hatch is not coming back if you're in arizona hit feelings about this he's not much of a republican member the thumbs down on obamacare deal great american patriot politically could not disagree with him more the past ten years i wish him a long life out of the us senate let's continue twenty one minutes after the hour bill.

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