Did Raquel Pennington's coaches fail her in scary UFC 224 loss to Amanda Nunes?

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What was the atmosphere like in the garden it was pretty good i mean it was it was great in there watching boxing in the garden i will say one of the highlights had to be the drunk ukrainian that front the front row and took four security guys ring this dude down and all he wanted was for loma chango to make contact so he could show his flag and it was mind boggling was just like four dudes for one guy yeah he got me i was like no victim all right from the world of combat sports this was a story that was somewhat disturbing over the weekend so despite telling her coaches she was done between the fourth and fifth rounds of her fight ufc fight with amanda nunez the other night racquel pennington was sent back out for the fifth and she was promptly dispatched via tko she was left in a pool of her own blood likely suffered a broken nose after the fight nunez your opponent said that pennington's coaches quote failed per now i'm not going to pretend that i under fully understand all of the etiquette involved in this stuff but i have followed boxing certainly all of my life it seems to me that if the fighter says i'm done that should trump anything why would anyone say if you save i'm fighting yeah i've i've never been in a fight of any kind of my life but if i'm fighting and i said look i'm finished here guys i got nothing left i i have to believe that it is the obligation of the people around that fighter that look hey back this is a terrible look for not only her can't before that sport because this this again when you're an athlete again this level of invincibility continues to be preached to us.

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