Trump halts plan for new sanctions against Russia


By menards our top local story two of the three teens charged with setting one of the historic bridges of madison county on fire got probation monday eighteenyearold joel davis pleaded guilty to second degree arson for his role in the fire in april of last year that destroyed the cedar bridge he told the court he was sorry for what he did important this bridge was to people madison county both emotionally physically great grandfather and great grandmother church the bridges mass county dearly nineteenyearold livia bergman was also given a suspended sentence eighteen year old alex off of west will be sentenced later this month iowans were awakened at one eight team this morning when emergency alert tones blasted from cell phones and weather radios to youngsters had been obstructed by noncustodial parent in northeastern iowa the two and four year olds were believed to be with their father who was who the iowa department of public safety said might be armed and dangerous the amber alert was canceled after about two hours as the clinton county sheriff's department reported the boys were found no word on any arrests our top national story there are reports the president is hitting the brakes on plans to impose new sanctions on russia the washington post reports president trump is uncomfortable moving in on of moving on new sanctions right at this time america's you embassador nikki haley said sunday new sanctions would be imposed soon will these sanctions are a follow up to the us led airstrikes in syria residents of jefferson are beginning to clean up after strong wind caused a lot of damage there the two million dollar range that is greene county emergency manager dennis moreland he's tells whol radio news about a dozen structures were damaged or destroyed the damage was caused by seventy mile per hour straight line wind monday afternoon walkon police responded to a shooting at a residence there a man was taken to walk on veteran's hospital memorial hospital where he was pronounced dead an autopsy will be conducted the.

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