New Zealand Prime Minister returns home from hospital with new baby


To serve but under a new government system grants him sweeping additional powers abc foreign editor cure at radius says there's concern that irwan will now be able to stifle descent what president urged one will be able to do he's he'll be able to appoint judges appoint senior officials he won't need to go to parliament for a lot of things to be able to come up with a budget and essentially critics would say that this consolidates power in one man without the checks and balances that we have in our system for example zealand's prime minister plans take six weeks of leave but be available for any events that warren her attention abc's mona rivera explains why she's taking leaf little one arrived new zealand prime minister just send aren gave birth thursday to a baby girl at a hospital in auckland and before leaving the hospital sunday she and her partner clark gave herd revealed the baby's name on facebook little leave ti abdoun is going to be a middle name okay so nieve gifford nieve means bright and radiant tiara is a maori word for love and the name of a mountaineer her hometown of hamilton new zealand montereau veira abc news ardor joins former pakistan prime minister benazir bhutto is the only modern world leaders to give birth while in office this is abc news finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in a haystack but not with ziprecruiter the smartest way to.

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