Nigeria laments 'deeply unfortunate' deaths of 86 in weekend clashes


Now an autocracy with a democratic facade nigeria's president muhammadu buhari has called for calm after police said eightysix people had been killed in communist violence in northern plateau state mr bohara said all those responsible for the killings would be brought to justice the latest clashes between farmers and nomadic herders began on thursday when a group of herders was attacked prompting retaliatory killings on saturday police sent fifty houses had also been burned down here in britain the taxi app uber is going to court later today to try to get a new license to operate in london the capital's transport authority decided last september that it was not a fit and proper company but it was allowed to operate pending an appeal our technology correspondent rory kathryn jones reports law september transport for london refused to grant a new licensed to uber saying it was concerned about the way drivers were vetted as well as the company's failure to contact police about assaults and other crimes today's case is not about whether that decision was correct but whether uber is now a fit and proper company to hold a license in recent months the company has tried to show it has changed its ways agreeing to report crimes to the police and offering drivers sick pay federal agents in mexico have detained the whole police force of the town of a campo on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a candidate to become mayor fernando hilas was campaigning against inequality and corruption leonardo russia reports miss around hell is was shot dead by unknown gunmen on thursday outside one of his properties the head of local police was accused of collusion in the murder when mexican federal agents arrived in the town of oh come on saturday to detain him they were stopped by local police officers they returned with reinforcements on sunday morning and arrested everyone that downs twenty seven police officers in their boss were handcuffed and taken for questioning in the state capital mode elia prosecutors say to have links with organized crime in the state of michoacan will news from the bbc the us defense secretary james mattis will make his first visit to china this week for talks on beijing's military ambitions in the south china sea as well as the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the visit comes at a time of increased tension between the two countries with president trump imposing tariffs on chinese goods a number of celebrities have visited the town of tornado in texas at the us border with mexico to protest against the separation of migrant children from their parents stars including amber herd lena dunham and mira sorvino said that they had come to show their solidarity with the families president trump has come under growing pressure for his zero tolerance immigration.

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