Roseanne Barr in interview: 'I made myself a hate magnet'


Thoughts in my head losing his mind am leaping benefits seriously i read this piece on what obama said in vegas and my jaw just dropped i sat there trying to figure out what this silly nitwit could possibly mean there's nothing to figure out as man is obviously a psychotic mr obama since it seems you completely lost your pitiful mind here's a response to your blundering numskull from larry o'connor in the washington times quote the spy gate story is permanently linked with the clinton email drama another obama era scandal that for some reason he gets the duck any responsibility for the most damning aspect of obama's involvement in the clinton email part is spy gate is the bald faced lie he told at the height of the drama over mrs clinton's unsecure an unauthorized server he claimed he knew nothing about it yet obama had sent and received emails on that very server the politically charged environment in the obama justice depart it may have allowed the temporary history books to pretend as though obama's years were scandal free but that era is now being fully exposed in the spy gate delicate as little carmine would say total total debacle a scandal we were never supposed to learn about because president hillary clinton would have kept attorney general lynch in office but that plan didn't work out and the american people are finally learning just how political the obama doj the department of justice was so political that no one seemed to blink an eye when the idea was floated to use electronic spying and a confidential human spy to eavesdrop and investigate the actions of mrs clinton and president obama's political enemy donald trump end quote can't take much more to blundering them scullery there's an old saying that crime doesn't pay we need to you update that axiom to crime doesn't pay unless you're last name is obama or clinton then it pays big time these two bunko artists walk free today collecting huge fees for appearances while there are people behind bars for significantly lesser crimes yes crime does pay if you're a big name progressive and if you get caught well just pretend those crimes don't exist it justifies the media ignoring them now you see the evil will always triumph because he's dumb.

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