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The americas and definitely the united states of america is an immediate end to the war on drugs it is one of the greatest games in human history from it spins catastrophe after malady after tragedy it has helped to create among other things a broken immigration system terrorism gun crimes human trafficking landed property disputes murder and mayhem by torturous sadistic cartels onerous taxation the imprisonment industry freight and near severed police in public relations assassinations a free press and reformers corruption the courthouse attorney industry race relations degradation wage suppression need i go on it the war on drugs should not when the war on drugs was halted in columbia murders plummeted their out migration plummeted quality education and wealth grew but the war moved to mexico and places like honduras the yucatan now murders in mexico twenty two thousand last year versus eighteen thousand here and we have two hundred million more people that has turned mexico into a war zone the mexican government along with support from the da and other us agencies has waged a war there that makes columbia look like child's play one hundred and fourteen politicians running for office have been assassinated since september of last year along with over sixty journalists reformers and their families di it's no wonder people are fleeing central america find out more about dan's life on facebook search at french and friends that's at french and friends since the war on drugs we have here more drugs more violence more illegal border crossings and broken communities than we have ever seen not to mention greater gaps in wealth disparity this is dan's life it's time now to ask bill barham bill barham senior vice president senior portfolio.

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