Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe to play Fox News chief Roger Ailes


The last time the arkansas razorbacks played for college baseball title with nineteen seventy nine and it's taken them thirty nine years to get back into position to try for their first championship now in two thousand eighteen it's all lined up for the hogs in their big bats they've got to get past oregon state in a best two out of three series to get their razorbacks pitcher blaine night says the beavers we'll be a formidable foe yeah i mean they can obviously swung it really really well and talked about bottom they're really solid and i'm really looking forward to you know they're all around really solid team night we'll be on the mound tonight getting the start for arkansas in game one of the cws final first pitch was set for six pm currently they're expecting maybe a possible weather delay and we'll find out tonight who earns the biggest individual honors in the nba the pelicans anthony davis is one of three finalists for association mvp along with cleveland lebron james and houston's james harden the brow was also up for defensive player of the.

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