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Seventy eight seventy i give you five minutes of soccer time anymore than i'm turning the channel hashtag soccer boring now look it's not about preparation as nothing about texture that wants me talk more soccer son about preparation it doesn't do it for me it doesn't do it for for vast majority of our audience i promise you that i mean that's what that's what i love and hate about soccer fans they they will stand in in like cram it down your throat what's wrong with you you don't like soccer you're you're a terrible human being no i just don't like it it just doesn't excite me it doesn't excite me like it does to here to talk about saints football lsu football lsu baseball heck lsu basketball pelicans basketball i just it's not my deal and the world cup is every four years it was every year i know they can't do it every year but if it were were every year are more frequent i think you'd see more covered i think you'd see it growing popularity j jerry excuse me in the plaza what's going on jerry you're on wwl kristen look i agree with you i think coco probably is on the hot seat this thing coach joe this year you know we might you know like a talk yesterday seventy eight so forth but my weekend and get a bowl eligible you know but i think lsu van and alumnus gotta realize we gotta give coachella little more time.

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