Hundreds gather to remember Barbara Bush in private funeral service


News center i'm tony paddock friends family honoring former first lady barbara bush here's more abc news the body of former first lady barbara bush is making its way to college station texas where she'll be laid to rest later today abc's jim ryan in houston admirers barbara bush have mapped out the route that the hearse carrying mrs bush remains will follow as it makes its way to the tiny family cemetery at her husband's presidential library in college station people who were unable to participate in friday's public viewing forward were not among the fifteen hundred invited to the funeral will park alongside roadways and stand on overpasses as the hearse and the motorcade go by a final tribute to a former first lady many people felt they knew personally jim ryan abc news houston earlier today more than a thousand people attended the funeral services for mrs bush presidential historian and family friend jon meacham remarked on her passion for one issue in particular literacy he believed literacy a fundamental civil and human rights and gave the cause her all celebrating barbara bush daria albinger abc news we now join retirement already already in progress on wtmj strategies how does this all meld together what are some things we can do now to really control tax brackets for next twenty and thirty years particularly when it comes to the new tax code love trump or not you know there's some things you can do because of this new tax code that can really set yourself up to be in a good position at least for most of us in retirement here but that's a eight year reprieve unless something changes the individual tax cut only last about eight years but you know this week we're talking about you know strategies are sixties and things we can do and and spending becomes a big issue because overspending an early retirement can leave union entirely difficult situation later in life if you haven't planned for not saying you can't spend her do that travel but it has to be built into a budget and part of an income plan you should plan to live into your late eighties maybe nineties we often brad project out to age one hundred two err on the conservative side but many people believe they can spend seven percent or more of their retirement savings each year but you know spending rate typically should be a.

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