Mike Pompeo calls counterparts in Japan and South Korea to brief them on Trump-Kim summit


The news ninety six point five wdbo app secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with his south korean japanese counterparts in seoul discussing the agreement signed by president trump and kim jong hoon the americans want to make sure that the chinese don't shield north korea from from inspectors if you like there's a lot of fair that perhaps the north koreans could send over there nukes into china kind of insurance policy so much comparably making sure that everybody is on the same page here and they're all working towards denuclearization that's reporter james longman in south korea tony today is all about the stars and stripes flag day started back in eighteen eighty five by a schoolteacher and it became official in nineteen forty nine when president truman signed it as an act of congress designating june and fourteenth each year as national flag day oh man i didn't realize that at three in the morning what am i flag shirt all right good morning happy flag day five five at news ninety six point five wdbo view heading out for the early ride ed torrence is checking it out but first a quick look at the thursday forecast hot and humid again today heisel top hat or a ninety two degrees all of that fifty percent chance of the afternoon and evening storms some of those could be strong tonight partly cloudy down to seventy four tomorrow ninety s and another fifty percent chance of those storms developing from channel nine eyewitness news i'm meteorologist brian shields seventyseven orlando international airport seventy five here at news ninety six point five wdbo still pretty quiet across central florida still picking up some cones and barricades i would imagine on the roadways we head over to the safetouch security triple team traffic center say good morning to ed torrence good morning tony like you said they are picking up cones of one area you're still gonna find those codes on the roadway though i four eastbound just after four thirty four you got two left lanes blocked in the area and got a tougher the brakes through the area i four.

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