Special Counsel, Pierre Thomas and Michael Cohen discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Of afternoon storms is causing a lot of damage around our area wsb's michelle wright reports slide the heavy rain damaged an apartment in lithuania yeah that's right i mean thought she was in the safest place she could be during yesterday's storms inside of her apartment roof on teen but as the rain came falling down she tells channel two action news that's when her roof came falling in part of it hitting her in the back hit me it's hit me in my back and it's been an head she tells channel two action news she's okay but says the roof was leaking prior to the collapse meanwhile in halberstam county officials are checking to see if lightning may have sparked a blaze that destroyed a chicken house there reporting live michelle wright wsb severe weather pounds wilkes barre pennsylvania this resident describes the damage to a local shopping plaza back cast of barnes and nobles through was blown off the whole entire front of dick's sporting goods was blown on on facebook described multiple collapsed buildings but we have no reports of injuries the area was under tornado warning white house press secretary sarah sanders disputes reports she is leaving the administration cbs news quotes sources who say sanders deputy raj shah planning to leave at the end of the year sanders tweets that's news to her but fox report she's been weighing her options president i think may end up setting a record for white house press secretary's communication tractors the wsb political analyst bill crane the new york times reports trump aids are burning president trump's fixer or michael cohen is about to lose his legal team abc news cohen is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors word he's parting ways with his own attorneys among the reasons a source says concern over payment of legal fee abc's pierre thomas reports cohen is under investigation in the southern district of new york after a referral by the special counsel for now cohen does not face charges inspector general michael horowitz today releases his report into how the.

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