James Comey, Justice Department and Fbi discussed on AM with Michael Hart


How about that thanks always love it when we get called out by listener so does report michael let's dig into it well what do you think let me go get some toilet paper well well well what's the what's the blueprint right now how how they came out there there's just so much to tear into this be you know the inspector general has referred five fbi employee for investigation in connection with the well the political taxed revealing in the report on the hilary clinton email case that more bureau officials than previously thought were exchanging anti trump messages we've also learned that james comey i would like to say has a private g mail account there's nothing private about g mail if you use a g mail can't which by the way we do the information that's exchanged in that account becomes the property of google so we have also learned that the report also largely deals with the justice department and the f b i's handling of the clinton case then uncovered numerous messages that appear to mix political opinion with discussion about the investigation the mid year exam or what's commonly referred to as m y e was the code used by the fbi to refer to the investigation into clinton's private e mail server now going back to suzy's call we have talked about this stuff in the past we have revealed all this all this report is done as she points out all this report is really done is to verify and validate what we already knew my issue with it is what's going to be done with the information some of these text messages and instant messages like with this what's the.

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