Kentucky lawmakers pass budget; now heads to Governor Bevin


As i always say like a dog hanging his head out the window what his tongue wagon and the saliva flying i'm just happy to be here i'm happy that dog you see on the road as we make our way towards father's day we'll get to talk talk to john and a few minutes he's the he's the only father amongst us we're going to get to that end the weekend to weekend already we're talking about california being split up into three states it's on the ballot we'll keep you posted on that there's going to be a whole campaign i'm wondering how much money is going to be spent it's amazing that this is actually possibly going to happen the one caller who called it from northern california surprised me that anywhere northern california would be in favor of seceding from the rest of the state so we'll see but a little further to the north where i used to live in seattle there's actually a new tax there that wasn't a tax it was a tax before was tax than they were against

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