GOP lawmaker criticized for saying not 'enough white kids to go around'


That is rockwell wanna say nine hundred eighty four eighty five with michael jackson somebody's watching me there are new television cameras by the way watching in space that's right astronauts at the international space station took a walk this morning to install them they're getting ready for the new crew capsules arriving in just a few months and arizona lawmaker is in some hot water i some comments critics say where racist while discussing school integration additive event in northern arizona republican david stringer said there aren't enough white kids to go around stringer also said immigration today represents an existential threat to the united states the whole thing live streamed and initially posted to his campaign page it was later taken down stringer has since told the arizona capitol times that he apologized to anyone that he may have offended it's an issue the city council deals with an issue boston has struggled with for years to regulate short term rentals in the city which eliminates investor units that allows owner occupied short term rentals three hundred sixty five days of the year newswatch never stops push term rentals out of downtown wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time four twenty three let's hit the road traffic and weather together we begin with mike king and the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the.

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