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Because la encaptures the idea of bigger than just los angeles in a weird way los angeles feels like the city where l a feels like the city and the surrounding region or the idea of of la so if you say like where you live i live in la if you live in santa monica you could say like i live in la general size of that but you wouldn't say to if you're visiting new york like oh i live in los angeles you more likely say that you live in la because it's just like a wider sweep that sort of counts as la it's a strange thing but i'd never really considered that we speak of the abbreviation as much or more than in los angeles yeah i mean look there are places like people who live in what is it mendocino they don't say awhile live in sf now i live in mendocino that's outside of san francisco live near san francisco nobody says nobody says i mean there's no love but nobody really says no low right for new orleans louisiana nobody says that we're the only one unique thank you great great reference to a very cool book lear writes in saying i thought you might like the story from the washington post one space between each sense they said scientists proved them wrong obviously

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