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Twentyeightyearold san francisco man was killed during an uber ride in napa while celebrating one year wedding anniversary with his wife jared anthony died after the car he and his wife or an was hit head on by another vehicle this happened on highway twenty nine north of washington street during the weekend three other people suffered major injuries officers are looking for the cause a new report says a telecommunications gap during the deadly north bay wildfires left many residents uninformed and fearing for their lives two thirds of respondents to a poll conducted by a communications group said they lost some or all landline phone and internet service while more than three fourths lost some or all cellular phone service the report concluded the region lacked a telecommunications network that was resilient enough to survive the wildfires it is being submitted to the california public utilities commission and the fcc terry row says forty three percent of residents asked also told the press democrat they received no warning about the fires social media finding little to like about the likeness on a plaque honoring retired soccer champ brandy chastain the bay area sports hall of fame in san francisco unveiled the plaque monday night just stained diplomatically said well it's not the most flattering but it's nice on twitter fans could bear the likeness to former president jimmy carter or actor gary busey there are no plans to redo the plaque this news report is sponsored by ram introducing the allnew twenty nineteen ram fifteen hundred with a proven five point seven leader hemi v eight and best in class towing it's the most capable.

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