Ebola death toll rises to 22 in Congo


Zero c d a l big things genesis communications network for making the show happen brad and jason working the dials and big thanks to you all for tuning in we really do appreciate it delegate to follow us on twitter at dr dalia and on facebook the doctor w show all right so let's give you an update on bola a catholic priest has been quarantined in the democratic republican of congo after being infected with evola as health officials today actually revised down the number of deaths to twenty two they said we have cortina priest from the diocese of amid van daca biko who tested positive for the ebola virus a medical source told afp on thursday under a condition of nominated many religious authorities in the town could not be immediately contacted the congolese health ministry on friday published a new death toll for the latest outbreak four we laboratory tests on buddies the overall deaths as of may twenty third confirmed is twenty two and not the previously reported twenty seven so the number of those infected was also provides down from fifty eight down to fifty two including thirty one confirmed thirteen probable and eight suspected cases so it was not possible to establish whether the priests was among them the authorities explained the downward revisions by seeing some cases attributed to a bola had proven negative after laboratory testing qian's shelves on may eight announced cases of the notorious hemorragic fever in a remote northwestern district called biko that's where the started last thursday then the first case was reported in the city of one point two million me van daca which is a transport hub located over congress congo since then red alerts have been issued people have been on high very very high alert vaccines have been shipped in vaccination has started and they are trying to contain this in lightning speed being told that the abullah number has been revised down is very reassuring considering every day we were being told of new cases now some of you will say no no no no no dr dalia could be naive they're not telling us they are not telling us they're they're you know they don't wanna scare nobody had really economy and all that i don't know i mean maybe you're right i don't know vides their explanation of somebody died we got the testing back.

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