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The joe lockett show you're go logged follow into us on the facebook joe lockett twitter show instagram go follow us at on facebook joe twitter lockett joe instagram now back at to the joe love hate locke and show debate some now breaking back news to the while love you're hate in there and the nfl debate has made a some decision breaking on something news it while means you're a lot in there to you the nfl out of other has americans made a decision the nfl on something that has means a lot the owners to you have out voted of other unanimously americans the to approve nfl a new has national the owners anthem have voted rule unanimously that to says approve a if new you're not national gonna stand anthem stay in rule the locker room that if says you go to if the you're field not going to you stand have stay to stand in the locker room if if you have you go a protest to the field your team's you have gonna to get stand fined if this you have is the a first protest time you hearing your team's this gonna get which fined your reaction this was surprised is the first time i think you that's hearing good this i don't think which people should reaction be staying was surprised in locker well rooms i think but that's still good i i don't think think people should you have be to staying stand in locker rooms but proudly still i think it's good for the you have national to stand anthem what you proudly shouldn't be playing you shouldn't for the be national there maybe anthem you should be you shouldn't be playing in you the country shouldn't be there you have to maybe stand you shouldn't be proudly for in the the national country anthem you have to stand and proudly the nfl owners for the did national the right thing anthem of that's what and they've done the if nfl that owners is did the the story right thing of that's what they've done if that is the story.

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