Rep. Mark Meadows: Separation of families at border a 'horrible law,' should be changed


Salutes was unveiled yesterday in the town's veterans memorial park stubby traveled to europe with a military unit from connecticut is stories featured in a major animated movie sergeant stubby an american hero michael survey kfi news one person has been hurt by getting caught underneath a train coming into union station in boyle heights rescue crews extricated the person out of out about ten last night in the person was taken to a hospital in critical condition metro says the incident is under investigation president trump says he's still looking at a summit with north korean leader kim jong un it's we'll along very nicely so we're looking at june twelfth in singapore that hasn't changed trump made the comments yesterday he abruptly cancelled this on it this week over what he called harsh rhetoric from north korea former national intelligence director james clapper says it's important for the summit to happen between the us and north korea this is typical north korean two steps for wants to back that's what they they always do in some ways can england may have met his match here with very are very unconventional president he says it's imperative the us and north korea communicate or mel foods is recalling nearly two hundred thirty thousand pounds of it's canned pork and chicken products including spam company says the products could contain pieces of metal and other foreign natter the usda announced the be call yesterday the products were produced between february eighth and tenth the recall involves twelve ounce metal cans of spam classic with the best by date of february twenty twenty one north carolina republican representative mark meadows says it's a horrible law have parents separated from their children if they crossed the border illegally there is real bipartisan support for changing that he says human trafficking is a big deal he says something they'll have to address as making sure the parents are really the parents in the family unit meadow says regardless of political affiliation all agree keeping a family together is the best strategy meadow says he wants to make sure docker recipients don't have to face deportation and that ultimately they can become citizens police say an alleged robert a fast food restaurant in orange county's been shot by.

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