Richard Nixon, President and Michael Curry discussed on State of Belief


Both appreciated what it piscopo bishop right reverend michael curry had to say at the royal weddings i wanna talk about that clearly the bishop was talking about more than just the couple in front of him what were your thoughts and listening to his homily piscopo so he's my guy and i've had the opportunity to hear him in a couple of of settings before and this was vintage michael curry first of all this is who this guy is and he saw there was this opportunity and he took it and he made the most of it and you're right i mean this was a sermon that that was spurred by the couple sitting there to whom he was talking but he was talking to the world bishop curry recognized that he had an opportunity to make a much more significant point about our relationships with each other in politics and government in so many ways and he took advantage of it and he did a beautiful job and i think that there probably has not been a sermon like that given in saint george's chapel or probably at any of the other chapels royal in great britain i think some of his audience were a little taken aback just by the nature of his presentation but

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