House fails to pass farm bill because of fight over immigration


Beneficial isd officer was wounded explosive devices were located inside the school and suspicious material was discovered in the surrounding area nearby residents are warned to be on the lookout the father of one santa fe student told houston station ktar k that his son could hear the repeated racking of a shotgun and empty shells hitting the floor as the attack ensued wade goodwin npr news the trump administration plans to roll out a reagan era rule that would bar federal funding for women's health providers if they offer or even talk about abortion as an option npr sarah mccamman has more entitled ten it's about a two hundred sixty million dollar a year program and in many places and many states planned parenthood which of course does provide abortions is the largest or one of the largest providers of care through title ten that's npr's sarah mccamman a key block of conservatives in the gop control house is blocking passage of the eight hundred sixty seven billion dollar farm bill happened today over an unrelated fight involving immigration more from npr's kelsey snell thirty members of the influential house freedom caucus voted against the farm bill because leaders wouldn't guarantee a speedy vote on a strict immigration bill conservatives want to vote on legislation that goes beyond previous republican immigration proposals it would crack down on illegal border crossings and curb legal immigration that's kelsey snell reporting and investigations underway into a plane crash involving a cuban state run airline shortly after takeoff no official confirmation on injuries or deaths npr's carrie kahn says the boeing seven thirtyseven was carrying more than one hundred people when it went down near the jose marti airport in havana the plane which was rented by kuban airlines crashed into a farm field just after takeoff around noon local time the plane was headed to the nearby city of old photos from the scene shell flames and heavy black smoke omitting from the wreckage as firefighters tried to douse it with water according to the associated press government officials including the newly appointed president miguel the canal rushed to the scene as well as a large number first responders state media say a foreign crew was operating the plane but did not elaborate kubina airlines has been renting planes since many of its aging aircraft have been taken out of service.

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