The wait is over. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are married!


Seven hundred sixty wjr news are meadowland rim wbz news time six thirty seven currently fifty eight degrees for those who can't get inside to witness the royal wedding there'll still be some party favors it's quite the lawn party prince harry and meghan markle invited more than twenty six hundred members of the public to the castle grounds for their wedding here in windsor they come from local schools the windsor castle staff and community and charities close to the couple each will take home a goody bag to commemorate the day including a shortbread cookie chocolate coin at a magnet karen kepa windsor england a new poll shows more americans are satisfied with the direction of the country correspondent john stolnis has more gallup survey finds thirtyseven percent of americans are satisfied with the current state of affairs in america that's up eight points from april with much of that increase thanks to independence last month twenty six percent of independents said they liked the direction of the country this month it's up to thirty five percent republicans are also more optimistic up from fifty seven percent in april to sixty three percent now just fourteen percent of democrats are satisfied however a number that's remained the same for the last three months gallup says these numbers are good news for republicans and president trump and bad news for democrats ahead of important midterm elections this fall i'm john stolnis officials in the bloomfield hills school district say some students hacked into the student information system the student information system houses all the student.

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