Toshiba, White House and Donald Trump discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


In singapore on juliette sally and i'm doug krizner at bloomberg world headquarters in new york word is just gone nine thirty we've got market action now on the mainland in china and in hong kong and it's kind of a mixed picture hang sang is up about two tenths of one percents right now shanghai composite is down about one tenth of one percent a lot of market moving news we're going to unpack it for you right now as we look at this hour's top business stories china has had president donald trump a two hundred billion dollar reduction in its annual trade surplus with the us by increasing imports of american products in other steps that's according to a trump administration official says china made the offer during talks in washington this week chinese vicepremier premier met with trump the south judah at the white house meantime toshiba has received regulatory approval from china for the sale of its memory chip business this obviously will clear the way for a two trillion yen deal the buyers swelled they're a group led by bank capital now toshiba is saying the sale of the semiconductor business will take place on june first after approval was gained from all necessary regulators the deal is already missed earlier deadlines for clearance the companies were waiting on chinese antitrust authorities to make that decision bank of japan's key inflation gauge slothful a second straight month in april underscoring the central banks struggles to heat it's two percent inflation target call consumer prices which.

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