Los Angeles Angels' Mike Trout is on pace for the greatest season in MLB history


You guys can check out that says that mike trout is on pace for the greatest season two major league baseball history for the stat of war wins above replacement that takes into account defense the difficulty of your position getting on base not hitting a double plays all these very specific very valued elements of the game that might trout does so well he is basically the perfect war player and he's been a guy that's also been an mvp the league so he's good pretty much any metric you want to measure him by and right next to him all season long because he is a quiet superstar we've had this shine of shohei ohtani really overshadowing mike trout well now they're working side by side so we've seen now that they they just the other day what batted one in two in the lineup tuesday against the astros in are trying that out now for a tiny he's one of the first rookies to be a part of that it's a unique situation because of unique talent and it got us to thinking because we saw the comparison some people were asking about would you rather have mike trout or shohei otani and to me that question is ludicrous at this point because of what might trout is accomplished in his career so far because he seems to be the unanimous pick right now for a while bryce harper but we look at this now and i can basically we can do the tim duncan thing where we were cues him from this conversation because he's just too damn good for it but it did get us to thinking at espn radio at angola junior fifty seven on twitter or triple eight say espn if you were to pick one going forward and we only ask this because the way their season started but if you look at shohei otani and john carlos stanton in new york now giancarlo stanton is the reigning nl mvp giancarlo stanton is a homerun crushing monster who came into the season expected to continue to belt them around the yards and with that expectation had early on fallen relatively flat now has started to ready the ship we read the stat the.

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