Richard Jefferson jokingly 'ends' friendship with LeBron James


Livingston the cleveland plain dealer columnist who's been covering cleveland sports forever and a day trying to make a i think he was making a a browns paul brown brown's prior to joining the nfl brown's reference to the current cleveland cavaliers that is how far back he goes to cleveland sports he he says they assume lebrons gonna cleveland i don't know i'm sure the cavs don't feel that way also said that the relationship between him and dan gilbert is so poor that there's no bridging that gap no score brazil serbia ninth better said that will braun doesn't respect and gober all of that is playing out right now while whoa reporting that the lakers are seeking you take on dead salary in exchange for first round pick that they could send to spread to the spurs with a bunch of players to get coa and if on the lakers yeah just cleared out kawai lebron lonzo and a bunch of nonbronze and then whoever else wants to come right and then you you might have room for another free agent next year it's a two summer situation you're building those three guys in anyone else's good enough to be what top four in the all the cubs check jim bus building blocks essentially cup check building box that's a good that's a new fantasy team cup check building blocks and then richard jefferson he just chimed in on social media and this is something else so we all know richard jefferson one h the loan cavs championship with lebron is a teammate there he just tweeted this out looks like he wrote it on his phone right hilarious grad send it out it is with great remorse that i am writing this after many years is a peer and many years is a friend and teammate i have decided to end my friendship with lebron james i'm saying this publicly so that the fans and media members can please stop asking me where he is going in free agency i don't know my family doesn't know and neither do my kids unfortunately i live in los angeles so the questions are unavoidable but hopefully this helps to clear things up truth be told i never liked the guy he works too hard it makes the rest of us look bad he's my son's favorite player and i view that as a complete portrayal of how hard i've worked to put a roof over his head i'm sorry i'm having to get this drake response but i feel like this is the best way to address this issue that i'm clearly losing also i wish everyone the best of luck and free agency teams and players at oh and emoji the middle finger to channing frye also just because and then the shrugged shrug emoji richard jefferson everybody round of applause for jeff says adding some much needed levity to the situation it's great hey it's all playing out right now i think today's developments because these three of the triumvirate the l tree if you will of whoa jr ramona windhorst they know what's going on and i think today showed fridays the the day free agency essentially begins friday with george lebron decisions to opt in or opt out and i asked bill livingston even lebron obscene could that mean he wants to sign and trade because he's worked it out somewhere else he laughed he thinks that that you know that that's not going to happen but if there's anybody that could figure out prior to july june twentyninth having talked around people in knowing the landscape of of the nba does it would be lebron who he has seemingly made a complete one eighty on from when lebron last left to currently right now has grown to love and respect the guy as a father as a member of the community i mean one bringing championship to the land and bringing them to the championship round four straight years will will change some we'll get rid of that comic sans font mentality also in this article three espn writers making it clear the cavs have had no contact with lebron saying any attempt to meet him or discuss scenarios have been stymied by james and his camp and the james said he would be scar clear any predraft pre free agent process with the team and he is stuck by that did you have another news item at all or is it we're just i mean we're yeah just just just a quick the vikings made a huge move re up their defensive and daniel hunter seventy two million dollars extension forty million guaranteed he's been awesome with everton griffin.

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